The International Ladies Club is open to women of any nationality living in the Cayman Islands.

It’s purpose is to create a friendly atmosphere in which women can socialize.

It is a not-for-profit group.  Now in our 27th year!


Any woman, 18 years or over, temporarily or permanently resident in the Cayman Islands.


Founded in 1990 by a small group of socially minded ladies.


To provide a forum for socializing and meeting other ladies of all nationalities.

Associations:Not associated with any other groups in Cayman or overseas.


CI$25 membership fee, renewable annually in November, cost of functions is extra.

Social Gatherings  (see also Activities Calendar)

Coffee Mornings

09:30-11:00,    usually the first Thursday of each month, other than July and August when informal get-togethers are arranged. We rotate between meetings at the National Gallery and local restaurants. When we meet at the National Gallery members attend at a cost of $10 CI and guest are $15 CI which includes coffee, tea and light refreshments and a guest speaker. You are welcome to attend one of our Coffee Mornings as a guest, to see if the ILC is ‘your kind of thing’. Details on our website or email moc.l1503337521iamg@1503337521namya1503337521cdnar1503337521gcli1503337521.


12 noon-1:30pm,  usually the third Thursday of each month, other than July and August.

Beginners Bridge

Contact Helen Haines at yk.wd1503337521nac@i1503337521credl1503337521eh1503337521.

Book Club

Contact Kendra Gass at moc.l1503337521iamto1503337521h@ssa1503337521gardn1503337521ek1503337521.

Happy Hour

Usually the last Friday of each month 6.00 – 8pm. Partners welcome. Contact Roxanne Berry at moc.l1503337521iamg@1503337521syrre1503337521bgniw1503337521org1503337521.

Mah Jong

Meets Tuesday afternoon and Friday morning

Contact Ann Elliot at yk.wd1503337521nac@d1503337521iarev1503337521id1503337521.


Every Wednesday at 2pm. Contact Helen Haines at yk.wd1503337521nac@i1503337521credl1503337521eh1503337521.