Who We Are

The International Ladies Club of the Cayman Islands was formed in March 1990.

In those days it consisted of a very small group of ladies who called themselves the Newcomers Group. They had a one page newsletter entitled ‘Look “Who’s New” in Cayman’.

Their idea was to meet together for a chat, but primarily to talk with other ladies who were newly arrived on the island – to help them get their bearings and to discuss such matters as where to shop for certain articles (remember this was over seventeen years ago), how to deal with insects (particularly mosquitoes), and about the medical facilities, etc.

Originally they met for morning coffee in each other’s home, but very soon the numbers became too large, and it became necessary to utilise one of the Island’s hotels or restaurants for meetings.

In June 1992 the name was changed to the “International Ladies Club”

Over the years the number of members has steadily increased until in February 1999 a 200 member milestone was reached.  Since then, despite many changes in personnel, the total number of paid-up members each year has topped 250 (apart from the “Ivan” hiccup in 2004/2005) representing nearly 40 countries. This makes us by far the largest ladies’ club on the Island.

In March 2000, our 10 year Anniversary was celebrated with a hugely successful Champagne Breakfast, attended by over 100 ladies, making it the largest function up to that time. The record for the largest number of female-only attendees now stands at 113. This was reached at the December 2005 Christmas Lunch.